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Blueprint Reading school training courses in Newark, NJ (public, in-house or online)

Building Codes for Beginners
Format: Online

School: LearnVirtual
Venue: Oakland
Tel.: 800-522-0554

This 1-hour online introductory course to building codes for interior designers points to the why, what, where and when of the building code information that is essential to interior design practice.

Consulting a resource of this kind provides an efficient alternative to wading through volumes of codes, standards, regulations and guidelines that pertain to all aspects of the built environment with the intent of understanding what specific information applies to interiors - a task that is not only overwhelming but likely to be impossible.

Building codes are mastered through years ...

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Construction Blueprint Reading
Format: Online

School: SDSU College of Extended Studies
Venue: San Diego
Tel.: (619) 594-5821

This course is designed to provide you with that foundational knowledge and enough practice at reading blueprints to get you started. Mastery of blueprint reading will come with practice and with using blueprints on the job on a regular basis.

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Basic Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing
Format: On-site

School: WPI Corporate and Professional Education
Venue: Worcester
Tel.: 1-508-831-5517

Blueprint Reading is the universal form of communication in manufacturing plants and machine shops. This interactive seminar has been designed to teach you the theory of drawings, how to identify the essential details, and how to interpret the dimensions found on engineering drawings.

This program features a series of workshops using drafting instruments to construct isometric and orthographic drawings - including their dimensions and tolerance. Upon completion of the program, you will have gained a new set of skills for reading engineering drawings.

Attendees receive a copy of...

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Blueprint Reading for Welding Technicians
Format: On-site

School: Delaware Technical & Community College Stanton/Wilmington Campus
Venue: Newark, Wilmington
Tel.: (302) 283-3100

Learn to read and interpret welding and shop drawings with an emphasis on welding symbols.

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Electrical Blueprint Reading for Operators
Format: On-site

School: Delaware Technical & Community College Jack F. Owens Campus
Venue: Georgetown
Tel.: 302-856-5400

Designed to enhance basic electrical troubleshooting skills by teaching interpretation of electrical blueprints. Learn the meanings of symbols and other information provided on typical electrical drawings.

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