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School: Durham Technical Community College
Venue: Durham
Tel.: 919-536-7200

Become part of the growing and exciting industry of truck driving. Trucks carry nearly all consumer goods at some point in their journey. This course provides the basics and a review of the core competencies necessary to successfully pass the General Knowledge Written Exam for Commercial Drivers License Permit.

Official Website: http://www.durhamtech.edu/
Safe and Defensive Driving
Format: Online

School: Compliance Solutions
Venue: Denver
Tel.: 1-800-711-2706

When driving, we sometimes take on a different personality. Unfortunately that personality is often a reckless risk taker, or someone that is overly aggressive. The Safe and Defensive Driving training course discusses tips and techniques for avoiding risks and aggression. The course also identifies numerous factors that appear as innocent actions, but have the potential to cause accidents and injuries.

This course, designed for commercial as well as &,quot,pleasure&,quot, drivers, teaches the techniques to be a safe driver. Check with your insurance company after receiving you...

Official Website: http://www.csregs.com/

Defensive Driving
Format: Online

School: Skillsoft
Venue: Nashua
Tel.: 603-324-3000

This one-hour course will provide simple defensive driving techniques to reduce your chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements - define defensive driving, recognize accident prevention methods, identify the importance of seat belts, describe the facts concerning the impact of "drinking and driving", and identify vehicle safety measures on the job.

Target Audience
Employees, first-line supervisors, and department managers

Expected Duration (hours)Official Website: http://www.skillsoft.com/

Traffic Collision Avoidance
Format: Online

School: Florida Safety Council
Venue: Orlando, Kissimmee, Clermont, Merritt Island, Casselberry
Tel.: 1-877-700-7066

TCAC teaches defensive driving techniques, behaviors and attitudes to individuals responsible for causing traffic crashes involving property damage and/or injuries.

Traffic Collision Avoidance Course Content
•Dangers and costs of speeding and driving behaviors.
•Effects of alcohol and drugs.
•Importance of safety belts and restrain systems.
•Proper following distances.
Traffic Collision Avoidance Course Format
•Four-hour class conducted by a certified instructor.
•Student workbook.
•An interactive format including lecture, videos and student interaction in class ...

Official Website: http://www.floridasafety.org/
Advanced Driver Improvement
Format: Online

School: Florida Safety Council
Venue: Orlando, Kissimmee, Clermont, Merritt Island, Casselberry
Tel.: 1-877-700-7066

The goal of this ADI school course is examine the relationship between driving, holding a florida driver license, and fulfilling basic needs.

Advanced Driver Improvement ( ADI ) Course Content
•Understanding the basic needs common to all humans.
•Define the needs fulfilled by having a driver’s license.
•Learning to a accept responsibility for student’s own actions.
•How to e establish self-control.
•Identify the cause(s) of violations and poor driving records.
•To identify the advantages of maintaining a good driving record.
•To establish and maintain “safe driving...

Official Website: http://www.floridasafety.org/

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