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Professional Development

School: Regency Beauty Institute Texas Campuses
Venue: Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio
Tel.: (800) 787-6456

•Characteristics of a professional
•Exercise and ergonomics
•Communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
•Resume writing and interviewing skills
•Personal ethics
•State laws and rules

Learning Objectives:
•Establish routines to maintain a healthy body and mind
•Understand the elements of effective communication
•Build confidence as you learn to project a professional image
•Develop and maintain positive human relations
•Use communication and human relations skills in the guest experience
•Write a resume and ...

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Interviewing Skills

School: New Horizons of Austin
Venue: Austin
Tel.: 512-349-9555

In this course, students will learn how to develop effective skills to improve the interview process.

Objective :
After completing this course, students will know how to: - Identify the benefits of interviewing skills and the various types of interviews, define success factors, and identify the steps involved in writing and finalizing the success factors for a position. - Establishing a plan for an interview and prepare an office for an interview. - Handle an interview by developing an understanding of the various types of candidates, conduct an interview by following a specific st...

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Job Search Strategies
Format: Online

School: Portland Community College
Venue: Portland
Tel.: 1-866-922-1010

This 10-hour workshop explores strategies for finding the &,quot,right&,quot, job. Includes self-discovery, goal-setting, prospecting, networking, resume-writing, interviewing, career-planning, and self-marketing skills.

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Interviewing Skills Make the Right Impression
Format: Online

School: MindEdge, Inc.
Venue: Waltham
Tel.: 781-250-1805

Interviewing Skills: Make the Right Impression will help you become more effective in a job interview situation. It reviews key points in the interview process, explains how to answer tough &,quot,gotcha&,quot, interview questions, and will help you approach job interviews with confidence.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Identify the five stages of the interview process
Discuss the different types of interview formats
Conduct organization and industry research efficiently using web-based resources
Brainstorm potential interview questions and answers
Use strategies for answering tough interview questions
Explain the value of mock interviews as a way to rehearse for a job interview
Apply techniques for minimizing pre-interview nervousness
Handle unexpected interview situations
Write a thank you note after a job interview
Create an action plan for improving...

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Interviewing Skills Ace Those Tough Questions
Format: Online

School: MindEdge, Inc.
Venue: Waltham
Tel.: 781-250-1805

As a job candidate, you must expect the unexpected. But how do you prepare? This course will help you prepare by introducing you to some of hiring managers&,#146, most uncomfortable, bizarre, blood-pressure raising, but quite common, curve balls. Cartoon scenarios will walk you through some possible responses, and interactive activities will help you to formulate your own answers before you walk in the interviewing room.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Understand what constitutes a good answer in the mind of a hiring manager
Anticipate some of the most common interview questions
Identify your strengths and weaknesses
Explain how your professional, academic, and personal experience can best be represented in your answers to interview questions
Use the STAR strategy to focus on the results of your past actions
Explain to a hiring manager how the past successes represented on your resume will tr...

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