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Crane school training courses in Halifax, NS (public, in-house or online)

Mobile Crane
Format: On-site

School: IVES Training & Compliance Group, Inc.
Venue: Blaine
Tel.: 1.800.643.1144

Phase 1 ��?Theory Training
The trainer guides trainees through a comprehensive and interactive review of the operator workbook covering:
◦Applicable regulations
◦Variations of equipment types
◦Main parts
◦Understanding equipment safety
◦Fuels and batteries

Phase 2 ��?Theory Evaluation
The trainer administers a written test based on the concepts covered in the operator’s reference manual. The test consist of ten multiple choice/essay-type question, which are graded and returned to the trainees, then reviewed to ensure understanding. A minimum score of 70%...

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Overhead Cranes & Slings Operator
Format: On-site

School: BRight Group USA LLC
Venue: Hackettstown
Tel.: 1-866-735-0292

Upgrade material handling practices within your company by teaching the basics of safe crane and sling operation to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of product damage, property damage, and accidents. This will assist you in meeting OSHA requirements described in 29CFR1910.179 for Overhead & Gantry Cranes and 29CFR1910.184 for Slings.

There are two parts to this overhead crane safety program that includes a 2-hour classroom session and an operator evaluation where your employees can demonstrate their ability to operate the company equipment safely and efficien...

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Small Telescopic (Fixed Cab) Crane Operating
Format: On-site

School: Crane Exam LLC
Venue: Phoenix
Tel.: 480-264-4267

1 Week: Boom (Fixed Cab) Truck only:

?Small Crane Class/ Basic Level Training only for this Class.
?Classroom/Hands on Training
?NCCCO Written/Practical Exam/1 Certification.
?Basic Crane Setup/Load Chart/Limited Training.

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Small & Large Telescopic Crane Operating
Format: On-site

School: Crane Exam LLC
Venue: Phoenix
Tel.: 480-264-4267

2 Weeks: National Boom Truck/Grove Telescopic Hydro Crane

Hands on Mobile Crane Training.
Rules and Regulations of Mobile Crane Operating.
Prep Study Class/NCCCO Written and Practical Exams.
Loads Charts/Personnel Lifting Systems/Set Up/Mats/Cribbing.
Set up Boom/Jib/Extensions Assembly/Dismantle on Cranes.
2 Crane Lifts/Lift Planning/Dangers.
Rigging/Cable and Rope Splicing/Proper Rigging Selections.
Load Control/Concrete Bucket Placement/ Form Following with Concrete Bucket/Structural Steel/Walls/Columns Setting.

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Tower Crane
Format: On-site

School: Crane Exam LLC
Venue: Phoenix
Tel.: 480-264-4267

2 Weeks: Hands on Tower Crane Training using a Free Standing Potain Tower Crane, this is not a self- erecting crane. This is the crane used on High-Rise Building; other schools use the self-erector crane, not us.

Cab Operated or Remote Controlled Crane.

Rule and Regulations of Tower Crane Operating.
Classroom Prep Classes/NCCCO Written and Practical Exams.
Tower Crane Simulator.
Load Charts/Verbal/Hands Signals
Rigging/Wire Rope Splicing/Load Set Up
Load Control/Speed Control/2 Crane Lifts with Mobile Crane assist. <...

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