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Structural Design school training courses in Calgary, AB (public, in-house or online)

Structural Design for non-structural Engineers

School: IDC Technologies Canada
Venue: Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg
Tel.: 1800 324 4244

Construction is the largest industry in the world and anything constructed needs to be designed first. Structural Engineering deals with the analysis and design; the basic purpose of which is to ensure a safe, functional and economical structure.

The participants of the workshop will gain the basic knowledge of structural engineering that includes principles of analysis of structures and their application, behaviour of materials under loading, selection of construction materials and design fundamentals for RCC & Steel structures. The emphasis has been kept on the determination of nature...

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Structural Design

School: Global Innovative Campus
Venue: Calgary
Tel.: (888) 384 4863

This course is a practical structural design course that contains step-by-step procedures that include instructions that help understand and solve routine building structural problems. The course contains a short introduction to the National Building Code of Canada, NBCC 2005, and then goes into detail on how to calculate the expected environmental and occupational loads on a structure, which includes dead, live, snow, wind, and seismic loads. A crash summary of the required structural analysis basics that are needed for structural design will be explained. The course then goes into the desi...

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Structural Design Of Industrial Buildings

School: Educational Program Innovations Center
Venue: Calgary, Halifax
Tel.: 1-888-374-2338

Efficient structural design of industrial facilities requires engineers to possess integrated knowledge of theory and practice. It is essential to understand the issues that can affect stability, safety, and serviceability.
This course presents structural design of industrial facilities in a systematic manner starting with loads and load combinations, different types of structural systems and framing concepts including crane runways and elevated floors. It discusses the essential concepts of strength and stability, serviceability and safe structural design. The design intricacies of vario...

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Civil Engineering
Format: Online

School: University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Venue: Charlottesville
Tel.: 1.800.346.3882

The Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Structural) emphasizes structural mechanics and/or structural design. The 30-credit hour program consists of 10 courses that can be completed on a part-time basis.

Courses offered through UVa are now available over the Internet, either in a live or asynchronous format. Participating students are required to have their own computer and access to the Internet with an &,quot,unlimited data&,quot, plan. Classes are scheduled in late afternoon and early evening hours.

Courses may be taken for graduate credit or for non-degree continuing education. If students wish to apply coursework for graduate credit towards the master’s degree, they must submit an application for admission to the program prior to enrollment. Students beginning study in a given year can schedule their courses appropriately after consultation with an academic advisor.

This program is offered through the University’s Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP), which has served engineers and scientists through distance education since 1983. Please visit the CGEP website for program details, as well as admission requireme...

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Revit Structure Essentials
Format: Online

School: CADD Centers of Florida
Venue: Fort Lauderdale
Tel.: 954.772.7300


Building Information Modeling
■Building Information Modeling for Structural Engineering

Revit Structure Basics
■Exploring the User Interface
■Working with Structural Elements and Families

Viewing the Structural Model
■Working with Views
■Controlling Object Visibility
■Working with Elevation and Section Views
■Working with 3D Views

Starting a New Project
■Starting a Project
■Adding and Modifying Levels
■Adding and Modifying Grids

Creating Structural Columns and Walls
■Working with Structural Columns
■Working with Structural Walls

Creating Frames
■Adding Floor Framing
■Working with Beams and Beam Systems
■Working with Structural Steel Frames
■Working with Structural Concrete Beams

Creating Floors and Roofs
■Adding Floors
■Creating Roofs and Adding Structural Framing

Creating Foundations
■Adding Foundations

Stairs and Ramps
■Creating Stairs
■Creating Ramps

Creating Plan Annotations and Schedules
■Adding Dimensions
■Working with Text and Tags
■Creating Legends
■Working with Schedules

Creating D...

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